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Scrap Metal Pick up Operations Rid Your Property of Potential Hazards

Certain residential properties contain so much junk they practically beg to be quarantined and their contents hauled off for disposal due to health concerns. Emily Crane of Daily Mail Australia writes about one such property in the greater Adelaide area that is in dire need of attention from a scrap metal pick up service. The owner has apparently dismissed concerns about the need to tidy his place up. [Read more…]

Recycling Scrap Metal in St Marys: You, Can, Steel Save the Planet

The Earth can only produce and give so much natural resources until human activity and reckless consumption depletes whatever is left. So it’s definitely a good thing that many are now making moves to care for the environment, usually by practicing the 3 R’s of sustainability—reduce, reuse, and recycle.
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Scrap Metal Merchants Can Augment Supply and Stabilise Copper Prices

Economies thrive on the movement of prices of various commodities, securities, and financial instruments. When the price of a tradable unit drops, the industries that produce and sell that item suffer from lower earnings. On the other hand, the industries that rely on that tradable unit are able to do business with lower overhead. Vice versa, when the price of a tradable unit rises, the manufacturers and sellers are able to earn more.

This is precisely the situation faced by Australia today with the rising price of copper due to the increased demand for it in China. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Stephen Cauchi reported in an October 15, 2014 article:

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Dealing with Reputable Scrap Metal Merchants for Your Spent Wings

All machines have an operational shelf life, after which they become increasingly hard to maintain. This is especially true among airplanes, as Tadas Goberis elaborates in his August 12, 2014 article for Airline Fleet Management magazine:
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Asia’s Dragon Looks to Scrap Metal Merchants for Quality Scrap Copper

China wants your copper.

Despite reports about the dragon economy’s slowdown a few months back, a spike in copper imports indicates otherwise. Indeed, demand for copper in China is higher than before. From roughly 250,000 tonnes in 1Q 2013, copper imports in 1Q 2014 now play around 350,000 tonnes.
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High-quality Scrap Metal for Pick Up: New Hope Amid all the Rubble

The Centro Financiero Confinanzas, popularly known as the Tower of David, was first envisioned as a bank centre in the heart of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. Construction began in 1990 but was halted in 1994 when a banking crisis hit the country.
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Reliable Scrap Metal Merchants Open Doors to a Better National Economy

Everyone knows that recycling conserves the integrity of the environment, reduces the need for landfill and incineration, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions that further aggravate global climate change. Despite all this, Australia is still showing signs of resistance to this better form of living. Suzanne Benn and Damien Giurco made a compelling argument against the status quo and even showed what current situations will lead to if left unchanged:

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Scrap for Cash Programs Let Businesses Earn and Save the Environment

Australia earns a great amount of money annually thanks to its rich mineral resources and a thriving mining industry. Mining is definitely a solid sector that can spark further growth for the country, yet the activity comes with environmental repercussions that can prove irreversible. A recent news article from the University of Queensland shared how Australia can earn more from searching for untapped metals beyond mines:

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