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Used Scrap for Cash: Helping the Environment Also Helps Your Pocket

Recycling is a concept that a lot of people are familiar with. Metal is one of the earliest materials recycled, melted and reused for new purposes. It is a highly flexible material. Right now, over 45% of the world’s steel and 40% of the world’s copper production come from recycled sources. This is why selling scrap for cash is a profitable business. [Read more…]

Computer Scrap for Cash: A Spent Unit May Be Worth More than You Think

Computing technology is always on the rise. Every few months or years, newer models come out capable of faster processing speeds, with programs warranting higher hardware specs to run on. As a result, many older units become obsolete fast, and those that may be needing some repairs are discarded without second thought.  Selling them for scrap, however, may be a worthier option. An article for the scrap materials website Scrap Metal Junkie states that any computer parts can be stripped for their various metals that may reap some extra cash for your business. [Read more…]

Scrap for Cash: When Making Money out of Decrepit Cars Makes Sense

Any motor vehicle, like any other machine, eventually reaches the end of its service life—and upgrades could not make that much difference anymore. The only option left for the old vehicle may be to finally consign it to the scrap yard, but as Stuart Masson, in his website The Car Expert, says, there are ways to sell scrap and make money from it.

Although prices for scrap metals have declined, the demand for them has not abated at all for use in various industries, including the manufacture of newer and more efficient vehicles. The demand for second-hand parts even fuelled a wave of auto thefts targeting popular vehicles in certain low-income areas, according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council. If you have an old car that’s long been taken off the road, you can still make money off it by contacting companies, such as Global Resources, that buy scrap for cash.

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St. Marys Scrap Metal Selling: Three Factors That May Influence Prices

People are probably becoming familiar with the system of selling scrap metal pieces, with many things in their homes being possible candidates for recycling, such as unused decorative items, old kitchen utensils, and even defective appliances. With a bit of effort and research, one can truly say that there is money in garbage.

If you have metal-containing unused items or fixtures at home, do not throw them away just yet. Collect them and arrange to sell the items to trusted scrap metal merchants who can recycle them for other uses or for creating new products. This way, you free up space in your property and also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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Getting Cash for Scraps: Things to Consider When Selling Metal Pieces

Cars, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, and decorative items found in your home all have one thing in common—they are made of metal. One of the things that perhaps not many people know or practice is that these objects, whether in part or as a whole, can be recycled to produce new items and gain profit for their owners. If you have old metal pieces you need to dispose of, here’s a primer on how selling scrap metal goes:

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Trust Scrap Metal Merchants to Take Care of a Hoon’s Mashed Remains

For all their flash and raw power, hoon cars are never a good sight on the road. Sometimes, the only way they can be put off the road permanently is to turn them into scrap. Amy Noonan of Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser noted as much with the crushing of two cars confiscated by the South Australian government back in October 2010. [Read more…]

Set Aside your Waste Plastic and Scrap Metal for Pick up by Recyclers

A recent study revealed that three quarters of the rubbish found off Australia’s beaches is non-biodegradable plastic which is slowly strangling the life out of the wildlife. Moreover, the plastic trash originated from populated areas along the Australian coast, and could have been set aside together with excess scrap metal for pick up by recycling companies. The Tengri News website published a report which shows that if mankind doesn’t clean up its act, the entire planet becomes one giant dumpster.
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Scrap for Cash Plans Boost Recycling Rates and Increase Sustainability

Recycling as much non-renewable material as possible is important for the movement towards creating a much more sustainable future for our planet. As long as more metals and plastics are recovered for reuse, the need to mine from the ground or synthesise the latter in factories–and the environmental impact of these processes–can be greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, the true benefits that recycling metals can have on sustainability are seldom understood by most people. Recycling expert Rick LeBlanc revealed in an About Money article that recycling’s positive impact is actually much greater than is usually assumed:

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Scrap Metal Merchants: Recycle Your Aluminium Items and Save Energy

The next time you open an ice cold can of soda or beer, think of how that handy little drink container could mean a lot to saving the earth. According to SITA Australia, the site for sustainable resource recovery management, approximately 10 percent of the country’s electricity is utilised in producing new aluminium cans. Recycling used ones, therefore, can save a huge amount of energy; in fact, one recycled can is equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power up a television for three hours! [Read more…]

Earning Cash for Scraps: How to Identify Metal Scraps for Recycling

Recycling is not only an effective way to help the environment survive the amount of waste material that get thrown away daily, but is also a smart way to earn extra cash for scraps and other recyclable items. In Australia, for example, every household produces at least 400 kilograms of waste material each year, which may translate to huge amounts of cash if every Australian were to recycle usable waste. [Read more…]